[Image: Chart from Pew Research on "second screening" in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign.]

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About the New Political Communication Unit

Led by the Department of Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London, the New Political Communication Unit was founded by Professor Andrew Chadwick in the Spring of 2007.

Our research agenda consists of three strands:

  • Comparative and international political communication: the Internet's impact on political mobilization, campaigning and identity; the complex interactions among older and newer media logics; the relationship between media, war, new security challenges and conflict; audience reception studies in the context of the proliferation of media; the dynamic between citizens’ changing uses of media and a transforming news environment; citizen journalism; technology and mobilities.
  • Communication and comparative governance: e-democracy and the changing interface between representative institutions, public bureaucracies and citizens; changing organizational practices shaped by new patterns of communication.
  • Comparative and international communication policy: Internet and new media governance and regulation; privacy, surveillance and security, the political economy of newer media; cultural diversity policy; digital divide and development issues.

We offer a taught Masters stream in Media, Power, and Public Affairs and PhD supervision in our areas of expertise.

The Unit's network inside Royal Holloway incorporates academic staff from the Department of Politics and International Relations, the Department of Media Arts, the School of Management, the UNESCO Centre for ICT4D in the Department of Geography, the Department of Psychology and the Department of Computer Science.

Our external networks include scholars and practitioners in a wide variety of organisations and countries.